August 8, 2022

Submission Form

ZAFAA 2022

African Film Festival & Academy Awards.

Note: ZAFAA new address:

New Nollywood Entertainment Studios, Crown Commercial Centre, 71-73 Nathan Way, London, SE28 0BQ.


November 2022


Closing Date for Entries is Friday August 12th 2022

Important Notice:

  1. Films Submitted with a copy WILL NOT BE SCREENED at the Festival and may not qualify for nominations.
  2. Films in Native languages should be subtitled in English. Those without subtitles will not be accepted.
  3. Fully complete and return this form with a Google link to Film freeway and copy to
  4. *Not more than 120munites
  5. Ensure compatibility

  *** Please indicate if you do not wish your film/s to be screened at the Festival by marking the box ‘For Nomination Only’ () ***

  • Due to late preparation there will be no extension therefore we appeal to every Director/Producer to ensure that their Films get to Filmfreeway  and Water marked; at least by 12.00 am of the 12th  August 2022